Lower Orinoco attractions

Gallery in Ciudad Bolívar

Centro de las Artes

On the southern edge of the colonial sector is the tree-shaded Plaza Miranda. Positioned at the halfway point between the cathedral and the cemetery, it was once known as the Plaza Descanso (rest), because funeral p…
Monument in Ciudad Bolívar

Casa Piar

On the northern side of the plaza is the Casa Piar, where General Manuel Piar was kept prisoner in October 1817 before being positioned against the cathedral wall and executed by firing squad. Piar liberated the cit…
in Ciudad Bolívar

Río Caroní Airplane

If you’re passing through the city’s airport, don’t miss the Río Caroní airplane, conveniently parked in front of the terminal building. This is the part original, part replica of the plane Jimmie Angel crash-landed…
Museum in Ciudad Bolívar

Museo de Ciudad Bolívar

The Casa del Correo del Orinoco – an example of impressive colonial architecture – houses the Museo de Ciudad Bolívar, a hodgepodge of modern art and historic objects. The most interesting artifact is the original p…
Park in Ciudad Guayana

Parque La Llovizna

The 160-hectare Parque La Llovizna is on the eastern side of the Río Caroní. It has 26 wooded islands carved by thin water channels and linked by 36 footbridges. The 20m-high Salto La Llovizna kicks up the namesake …
Landmark in Ciudad Bolívar

Airplane of Jimmie Angel

Standing in front of the airport terminal is the restored airplane of gold-seeker Jimmie Angel, who landed atop what was eventually named Salto Ángel (Angel Falls) in 1937, and couldn't take off again. The plane he …
Park in Ciudad Guayana

Parque Cachamay

Escape the heat with a stroll in the 52-hectare Parque Cachamay, a shady canopy of tropical trees dotted with blue morpho butterflies and scampering lizards. Then drink in the spectacular view of the river’s 200m-wi…
Museum in Ciudad Bolívar

Casa del Congreso de Angostura

The brash pink Casa del Congreso de Angostura dominates the western side of the plaza. Built in the 1770s, in 1819 it was home to lengthy debates by the Angostura Congress. You can still sense the air of those days …
Museum in Ciudad Guayana

Ecomuseo del Caroní

Nearby Parque La Llovizna and the enormous Macagua dam, the Ecomuseo del Caroní contains an interesting art gallery with a photographic history of the dam and samples of pre-Hispanic ceramics unearthed during constr…
Fortress in Ciudad Bolívar

Fortín El Zamuro

The Fortín El Zamuro is a small fort built in the late 18th century atop the highest hill in the city, just south of the colonial quarter. It provides fine views over the old town. The entrance is from Paseo Heres.