Activity in Los Llanos

Arassari Trek

Many companies run tours into Los Llanos from places such as Mérida, Coro and Caracas. Arassari Trek in Mérida pioneered budget tours to Los Llanos, and continues to be one of the best in the business....

Internet in Los Llanos


Conveniently located in the heart of Barinas, this is just about it for Internet cafes. Good to know if you get the impulse to send a group email boasting about your fabulous Los Llanos trip.

Tourist Information in Los Llanos

Coratur San Fernando

The city office of Corporacion Apureña de Turismo (Coratur) is the place for tourist information on Apure state in Los Llanos. There is also an office at the airport.

Tourist Information in Los Llanos


The office is opposite the Instituto Nacional de Deporte, 1.5km southwest of the center.

Telephone in San Fernando de Apure


Also has internet ranging from BsF5 to BsF10.