Farm in Los Llanos

Hato La Fe

One of the smallest, cheapest and most accessible hatos (ranches), La Fe covers just 1070 hectares (2644 acres). While there are fewer animals here than at larger ranches, you'll still find spectacled caimans,...

Architectural in Los Llanos

Casa de la Cultura

On Barinas' main plaza is the colonial-style Casa de la Cultura, built in the 1780s as the town hall and jail. José Antonio Páez, a republican hero, was imprisoned here but managed to escape, liberating 115 of...

Christian Site in Los Llanos

Convento de San Francisco

The mid-18th-century Convento de San Francisco no longer serves its original purpose as a convent. In 1825, Venezuela’s first college was opened here. Today, the building accommodates the offices of the...

Museum in Los Llanos

Museo de la Ciudad de Guanare

Opposite the church in Guanare is a splendid two-story colonial mansion, one of the few buildings remaining from the Spanish period. It’s now home to the museum, and features exhibits related to the town’s...

Activity in Barinas

Jardín Botánico

In the vast grounds of the Universidad Nacional Experimental de los Llanos Ezequiel Zamora (Unellez), 3km southwest of the center, the Jardín Botánico has many beautiful trees, a plant nursery and a small zoo...

Activity in Barinas

Museo Alberto Arvelo Torrealba

Named after a local poet, the Museo Alberto Arvelo Torrealba is set in a splendid 200-year-old mansion with a charming patio and a tree-shaded garden. It features an exhibition related to the history of the city...

Activity in Guanare

Parque Los Samanes

Parque Los Samanes is named after the species of spreading tree that grows in the park. You’ll find an impressive specimen in front of the entrance. Bolívar’s troops reputedly camped here in 1813.

Activity in Guanare

Museo de los Llanos

Outside the center, just 500m west of the tourist office, is the Museo de los Llanos, which has an archeological collection from the region.