Venezuela in detail

Health & insurance

Before You Go

If go to Venezuela, you should be in optimal shape – receiving medical attention in the country will be difficult and basic supplies and medicines are in severe shortage. Bring whatever medicines you need with you.

In Venezuela

Availability & Cost of Health Care

Although Venezuela has a wide array of pharmacies, clinics and hospitals, it's a very bad place to get ill these days. Good medical care is, during the current crisis, nearly impossible to find: many Venezuelans are literally dying waiting for a doctor. Public hospitals and clinics are free, but the quality of medical care is better in private facilities. To get medications at these clinics, you'll probably have to pay in dollars. Smaller issues can be dealt with directly in pharmacies, as they are allowed to give injections and administer a wide range of medicines, although in recent years shortages have dogged pharmacies as well, so bring any medication you need with you.

Infectious Diseases

Malaria and dengue fever are present in some tropical areas, and while other insect bites don’t necessarily cause illness they can cause major discomfort. Overall, your biggest health dangers are the standard risks of travel: sunburn, food-borne illness and traffic.

Tap Water

Tap water is generally fine for brushing your teeth, but is not recommended for consumption, particularly outside urban areas and in the current crisis. Water shortages across the country mean you should be conservative in your usage, to say the least.