Museum in Isla De Margarita

Museo Marino

This good Marine Museum is worth the trip across the island, especially for families. It has a shallow pool of safe-to-handle starfish, snails and other underwater fauna that will thrill the kids. (But don’t...

Canal in Isla De Margarita

Parque Nacional Cerro El Copey

If you have your own wheels (or are willing to hire a taxi) and want to leave the crowds behind, head up into this fresh, hilly national park, southwest of La Asunción. The old road climbs up through cool,...

Activity in Pampatar

Castillo de San Carlos Borromeo

Pampatar’s fort, the Castillo de San Carlos Borromeo, is in the center of town, on the waterfront. It was built from 1663 to 1684 on the site of a previous stronghold that was destroyed by European pirates. It’s...

Activity in La Asunción

Museo Nueva Cádiz

On the northern side of the plaza is the Museo Nueva Cádiz, named after the first Spanish town in South America, which was established around 1500 on Isla Cubagua, south of Margarita. An earthquake in 1541...

Activity in Isla De Margarita

Parque Nacional Laguna de la Restinga

This national park covers the lagoon and a large mass of mangroves riddled with narrow, labyrinthine channels at its western end. This is a habitat for dolphins, turtles and over 100 species of bird, including...

Canyon in Isla De Margarita

El Valle del Espíritu Santo

Commonly called 'El Valle' (the Valley), this small town is Margarita's spiritual capital, home to the island's patroness, the miraculous Virgen del Valle. Her image, kept in the mock-Gothic church on the plaza,...

Activity in El Valle Del Espíritu Santo

Casa Museo Santiago Mariño

The Casa Museo Santiago Mariño is the house where its namesake hero of the War of Independence was born in 1788. The sizable country mansion has been painstakingly reconstructed and fitted with vintage furniture...

Ruins in Juangriego

Fortín de la Galera

Crowning the hill just north of town is the Fortín de la Galera. These days little remains of the colonial fort (destroyed by the Spanish royalist army in 1817) other than some stone walls with a terrace and a...

Activity in La Asunción

Castillo de Santa Rosa

Just outside town, is the Castillo de Santa Rosa, one of seven forts built on the island to protect it from pirate attacks. It provides great views and has some old armor on display.

Activity in El Valle Del Espíritu Santo

Museo Diocesano

The Museo Diocesano has objects related to the Virgin, plus various offerings from the faithful asking for favors.

Activity in Pampatar

Casa de la Cultura

The Casa de la Cultura is in the old customs house. It's worth a peek for its occasional art exhibits.