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Aeropuerto Internacional Manuel Carlos Piar

The Aeropuerto Puerto Ordaz sits at the western section of Puerto Ordaz on the road to Ciudad Bolívar. From the airport terminal, taxis to the city center are BsF20, but you’re likely to be overcharged, so agree the…
Airport in Ciudad Bolívar

Aeropuerto Ciudad Bolívar

The Aeropuerto Ciudad Bolívar is 2km southeast of the riverfront and is linked to the city center by local buses. A number of tour agencies operate charter flights to Canaima. Flights to and from Caracas are annoyin…
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Terminal de Pasajeros Puerto Ordaz

The Terminal de Pasajeros Puerto Ordaz is 1km east of the airport. Not all buses pass through here. However, the 2006 opening of the second bridge over the Orinoco, just west of the city, made it faster to take nort…
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Terminal de Pasajeros

The Terminal de Pasajeros is 1km southeast of the center; walk or take a taxi (BsF5). About half a dozen buses go to Caracas (BsF55 to BsF75, 11 hours) via Maturín, mostly in the evening. Some continue on to Maracay…
Bus in Ciudad Bolívar

Terminal de Pasajeros

The Terminal de Pasajeros is 1.5km south of the center. From Paseo Orinoco until 6pm, take the westbound buseta marked ‘Terminal.’ There is a small departure tax (BsF1) that you’ll need to pay at a separate booth be…
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Terminal de Pasajeros San Félix

The Terminal de Pasajeros San Félix is the city’s main transit stop. It is unsafe here after dark, with local buses stopping service around 9pm. Taxis are recommended.
Boat in Puerto Ayacucho

Transporte Fluvial La Roca

Transporte Fluvial La Roca runs a daily 6am service to San Fernando de Atabapo (BsF60, 2½ hours) on a 28-person boat. The Sunday service costs an extra BsF5 per ticket.
Airline in Puerto Ayacucho


Small local carrier, Wayumi, operates scheduled and charter flights within Amazonas to a few smaller destinations.
Airline in Ciudad Bolívar


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Rodovías Bus Terminal