Top things to do in Gran Sabana

in Gran Sabana

Quebrada de Jaspe

One of the most unusual and popular waterfalls in the Gran Sabana, Quebrada de Jaspe isn’t known for a dramatic plunge but for the brilliant orange and red jasper rock beneath its waters. Kako Paru, its Pemón name, …
Italian in Santa Elena de Uairén

Alfredo’s Restaurant

Perhaps the best restaurant in town, Alfredo’s has an unusually long menu, with fantastic pasta, thick steaks and fine pizzas from its wood-burning oven. It's popular with visiting Brazilians, who can't believe the …
in Santa Elena de Uairén

Ying Ping

One of two good Chinese restaurants on the main square (the other, Young Hua, is also recommended), Ying Ping does fantastic homemade rice noodles and has an encyclopedic menu.
Venezuelan in Santa Elena de Uairén

Tumá Serö

For a cheap meal in a fun atmosphere head to this ‘boulevard of food’ with dozens of different outlets serving everything from arepas to noodles.
Brazilian in Santa Elena de Uairén

ServeKilo Nova Opção

For almost two decades, this Brazilian eatery has replenished famished hikers with its scrumptious buffet. Vegetarian options are available.
Vegetarian in Santa Elena de Uairén

Tienda Naturalista Griselda Luna

Stock up on dried fruit and vegetarian protein for the Roraima trek. Awesome wholewheat fruit pastries and natural yogurt are available.
Cafe in Santa Elena de Uairén

Restaurant Michelle

Dig into huge portions at this popular Chinese restaurant, just two doors down from the hotel of the same name.
in Santa Elena de Uairén

Panadería Santa Nana

This friendly bakery has great coffee, sublime fresh pastries and also serves as a good supermarket.
in Santa Elena de Uairén


This tour operator runs a delicious pizza parlor with a huge choice of toppings.
in Santa Elena de Uairén

Gran Sabana Deli

Mammoth two-person sandwiches (35BsF) make good on-the-go sustenance.