Top things to do in Cumaná

Cigars in Cumaná

Tabaqueria La Cumanesa

Cumaná is renowned for its export-quality cigars, and at this company, founded in 1893, you can stroll the factory and watch the workers sort and hand-roll the 13 varieties. All save one are made from Venezuelan-gro…
Architectural in Cumaná

Casa Ramos Sucre

Casa Ramos Sucre is dedicated to a local poet, José Antonio Ramos Sucre, born here in 1890. Sucre’s poetry was well ahead of his time, and it was only in the 1960s that his verses attracted the attention of scholars…
Historic Building in Cumaná

Castillo de San Antonio de la Eminencia

The grandest and best-restored colonial structure in town is the coral-rock Castillo de San Antonio de la Eminencia, with good views over the city and coastline from a hill just southeast of the center. Constructed …
French in Cumaná

Les Jardins de Sucre

This beautifully designed and exceptionally good French restaurant has its diners discreetly spread out over a shaded patio around a small water garden. Delicious seafood, classic French cooking and a range of crepe…
Venezuelan in Cumaná

Sopas y Algo Más

Just three soups, six main dishes and four desserts are available at this small but hopping restaurant set in a shady concrete patio. The menu is on the wall, the service is quick, and the food is cheap and deliciou…
Bar in Cumaná

Bar Restaurant Jardín Sport

The locals’ favorite for chatting the day away is this informal open-air bar in a courtyard off Plaza Bolívar. It has a few pool tables in back and serves inexpensive snacks, but it’s the cheap beer that keeps punte…
Museum in Cumaná

Museo Gran Mariscal de Ayacucho

The Museo Gran Mariscal de Ayacucho is dedicated to the Cumaná-born hero of the War of Independence, General Antonio José de Sucre (1795–1830), who liberated Peru and Bolivia. His statue is nearby in the park.
Spanish in Cumaná

Restaurant El Colmao

This windowless Spanish restaurant serves up the usual specialties like shellfish stew, grilled prawns and squash Provençal. The second dining room comes with a stage for live music; otherwise there’s just soccer on…
in Cumaná

Museo de Arqueología e Historia del Estado Sucre

Next door to the Casa Ramos Sucre, the Museo de Arqueología e Historia del Estado Sucre has a small archaeological collection, though it was closed for renovations at the time of research.
Gallery in Cumaná

Museo de Arte Contemporáneo de Cumaná

Next to Castillo de San Antonio is this small, concrete Museo de Arte Contemporáneo de Cumaná. It stages changing exhibits of modern art, and is only open on weekends if there are events.