French in Cumaná

Les Jardins de Sucre

This beautifully designed and exceptionally good French restaurant has its diners discreetly spread out over a shaded patio around a small water garden. Delicious seafood, classic French cooking and a range of...

Venezuelan in Cumaná

Sopas y Algo Más

Just three soups, six main dishes and four desserts are available at this small but hopping restaurant set in a shady concrete patio. The menu is on the wall, the service is quick, and the food is cheap and...

Spanish in Cumaná

Restaurant El Colmao

This windowless Spanish restaurant serves up the usual specialties like shellfish stew, grilled prawns and squash Provençal. The second dining room comes with a stage for live music; otherwise there’s just soccer...

Venezuelan in Cumaná

Bar Restaurant Jardín Sport

From breakfast arepas to soups, sandwiches, burgers and parrilla, this courtyard restaurant and bar is a lively place to refuel. Come in the evening for cheap beer and a game of pool.

Activity in Cumaná

Bar Restaurant Hong Kong

A reliable mainstay in the center of town, this new Chinese restaurant has a huge menu and great-value set meals that keeps it busy with locals throughout the day.