Top things to do

Top ChoicePizza in Coro

Pizzería La Barra del Jacal

This attractive open-air restaurant offers more than just pizzas, and is a refreshing spot to sit with a beer, especially in the evening when a gentle breeze dissipates the heat of the day. Service is...

National Park in Coro

Parque Nacional Médanos de Coro

Mesmerizing zebra stripes of sand shimmer in the breeze at the Parque Nacional Médanos de Coro, a spectacular desert landscape with sand dunes of 30m in height. Late afternoon is the best time to visit, when the...

Museum in Coro

Museo Diocesano Lucas Guillermo Castillo

For an insight into the colonial past, go to the Museo Diocesano Lucas Guillermo Castillo which is named after a local bishop. Accommodated in 15 rooms of a 17th-century Franciscan convent, the museum boasts an...

Christian Site in Coro

Cruz de San Clemente

In the barred pavilion on the plaza between the two churches, Iglesia de San Francisco and Iglesia de San Clemente, is the Cruz de San Clemente. This is said to be the cross used in the first mass celebrated...

Museum in Coro

Museo de Arte Alberto Henríquez

Situated diagonally opposite the Museo de Arte de Coro, in a great historic mansion, the Museo de Arte Alberto Henríquez has modern art – shows change regularly but are always worth a visit. At the back of the...

International in Coro

Jengibre & Albahaca

Despite being by far Coro's most sophisticated dining spot, Ginger & Basil is also surprisingly great value. The menu is streets ahead of most in Venezuela, with organic burgers, Caprese salad and seafood...

Christian Site in Coro


The massive, fortress-like Catedral was begun in the 1580s and finished half a century later, making it the oldest surviving church in Venezuela. There are no remainders of its early history inside, but the 1790...

Church in Coro

Iglesia de San Francisco

Two blocks north of the Catedral is the 18th-century Iglesia de San Francisco. The cupola of the 1760s Capilla del Santísimo Sacramento, at the top of the right aisle, is a very fine piece of Mudejar art, showing...

Architectural in Coro

Casa de las Ventanas de Hierro

The Casa de las Ventanas de Hierro is noted for a splendid 8m-high plaster doorway and the wrought-iron grilles (brought from Seville, Spain, in 1764) across the windows. It now shelters a private collection of...

Spanish in Coro

Restaurant El Conquistador

Satisfactory food, white-gloved waiters and a tastefully decorated interior make El Conquistador one of the best eateries in town. Go for parrilla aire (mixed grill), mar y tierra (surf and turf) or paella...

Beach in Coro

La Vela de Coro

This colonial port town to the northeast has a sandy beach punctuated by orange rock columns and a view of a half-sunk shipwreck. It's easy to reach by public transit – por puestos (US$0.10, 20 minutes) leave...

Church in Coro

Iglesia de San Clemente

This 18th-century church is just a stone’s throw to the west of San Francisco. Note the anchor hanging from the middle of the ceiling, which commemorates St Clement’s martyrdom (he was drowned after being weighed...

Theater in Coro

Teatro Armonía

Its Sala Cinemateca Coro ( is a good bet for inexpensive arthouse movie screenings; the excellent orchestra holds free concerts on Thursdays. Shows international films with Spanish subtitles.

Museum in Coro

Museo de Arte de Coro

The Museo de Arte de Coro, in a beautiful 18th-century mansion, is a branch of the Caracas Museo de Arte Contemporáneo. It features thought-provoking and well-presented temporary exhibitions.

Vegetarian in Coro

Restaurante Shangri La

A few blocks east of the strangely central airport, Lee Tzu serves up veggie breakfasts and lunches in this small joint, as well as a variety of herbal teas to cure what ails you. The offerings change daily.

Breakfast in Coro

Restaurant Punto Criollo

This simple eight-table place offers filling breakfasts and gets completely packed with patrons at lunchtime – and deservedly so. The solomo criollo is a killer (not literally!).

Bakery in Coro

Panadería La Gran Costa Nova

This mammoth bakery packs them in at all times of the day, and no wonder – they crank out yummy breakfasts, lunches and snacks. It also has good pastries and coffee.

Cinema in Coro

Cine en la Calle

A free open-air cinema casts Venezuelan and Latin American films against the wall on buildings between Plaza Bolívar and Plaza Falcón every Tuesday at 7pm.