Coro restaurants

Top Choice Pizza in Coro

Pizzería La Barra del Jacal

This attractive open-air restaurant offers more than just pizzas, and is a refreshing spot to sit with a beer, especially in the evening when a gentle breeze dissipates the heat of the day. Service is professional a…
International in Coro

Jengibre & Albahaca

Despite being by far Coro's most sophisticated dining spot, Ginger & Basil is also surprisingly great value. The menu is streets ahead of most in Venezuela, with organic burgers, Caprese salad and seafood pasta …
Spanish in Coro

Restaurant El Conquistador

Satisfactory food, white-gloved waiters and a tastefully decorated interior make El Conquistador one of the best eateries in town. Go for parrilla aire (mixed grill), mar y tierra (surf and turf) or paella valencian…
Vegetarian in Coro

Restaurante Shangri La

A few blocks east of the strangely central airport, Lee Tzu serves up veggie breakfasts and lunches in this small joint, as well as a variety of herbal teas to cure what ails you. The offerings change daily.
Breakfast in Coro

Restaurant Punto Criollo

This simple eight-table place offers filling breakfasts and gets completely packed with patrons at lunchtime – and deservedly so. The solomo criollo is a killer (not literally!).
Bakery in Coro

Panadería La Gran Costa Nova

This mammoth bakery packs them in at all times of the day, and no wonder – they crank out yummy breakfasts, lunches and snacks. It also has good pastries and coffee.
Venezuelan in Coro

Ciudad de Maracaibo

Venezuelan in Coro

La Casa de la Gran Cachapa