Top things to do in Ciudad Guayana

Park in Ciudad Guayana

Parque La Llovizna

The 160-hectare Parque La Llovizna is on the eastern side of the Río Caroní. It has 26 wooded islands carved by thin water channels and linked by 36 footbridges. The 20m-high Salto La Llovizna kicks up the namesake …
Park in Ciudad Guayana

Parque Cachamay

Escape the heat with a stroll in the 52-hectare Parque Cachamay, a shady canopy of tropical trees dotted with blue morpho butterflies and scampering lizards. Then drink in the spectacular view of the river’s 200m-wi…
Museum in Ciudad Guayana

Ecomuseo del Caroní

Nearby Parque La Llovizna and the enormous Macagua dam, the Ecomuseo del Caroní contains an interesting art gallery with a photographic history of the dam and samples of pre-Hispanic ceramics unearthed during constr…
Seafood in Ciudad Guayana

Tasca Restaurant Jai-Alai

Always full of local food-lovers, this bustling outpost of Spanish cuisine is rather pricey, but the food is excellent. Specialties include pulpo a la gallega (Galician-style octopus) and a mouth-watering brocheta d…
Park in Ciudad Guayana

Parque Loefling

Pushy monkeys enliven the Parque Loefling, which has roaming animals like capybaras and tapirs and a small zoo of native wildlife. Taxis (BsF15 to BsF20) can take you to the park.
Italian in Ciudad Guayana

Trattoria Da’Giulio

Italian comfort food that hits the spot, with warm and attentive waiters fussing over you like an honored guest. Pizzas are only available on Thursday and Friday nights, for some odd reason.
in Ciudad Guayana


Mix and match with a dozen types of fresh pasta and 15 yummy sauces at this friendly family-run Italian restaurant. Self-caterers can also take delicious fresh sauces away with them.
Chinese in Ciudad Guayana

Restaurant Gran Furama

This popular place has a surprisingly large and impressive dining room where the flamboyant platos calientes send fireballs leaping to the chandeliers.
Middle Eastern in Ciudad Guayana

La Cuarenta Platos de Alí Babá

Feast on falafels and stuffed grape leaves, or ask for the plato mini típico variado and sample a little bit of everything.
Bakery in Ciudad Guayana

Panadería y Exquisiteces La Pradera

Pastries and strong coffee in a gleaming bakery-cafe. A hearty lunch menú draws a midday crowd.