Ciudad Guayana attractions

Park in Ciudad Guayana

Parque La Llovizna

The 160-hectare Parque La Llovizna is on the eastern side of the Río Caroní. It has 26 wooded islands carved by thin water channels and linked by 36 footbridges. The 20m-high Salto La Llovizna kicks up the namesake …
Park in Ciudad Guayana

Parque Cachamay

Escape the heat with a stroll in the 52-hectare Parque Cachamay, a shady canopy of tropical trees dotted with blue morpho butterflies and scampering lizards. Then drink in the spectacular view of the river’s 200m-wi…
Museum in Ciudad Guayana

Ecomuseo del Caroní

Nearby Parque La Llovizna and the enormous Macagua dam, the Ecomuseo del Caroní contains an interesting art gallery with a photographic history of the dam and samples of pre-Hispanic ceramics unearthed during constr…
Park in Ciudad Guayana

Parque Loefling

Pushy monkeys enliven the Parque Loefling, which has roaming animals like capybaras and tapirs and a small zoo of native wildlife. Taxis (BsF15 to BsF20) can take you to the park.