Chichiriviche restaurants

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Restaurant Txalupa

This respectable Basque-run establishment does good fish and seafood at reasonable prices, with nice views of fishing boats on the shore and islands on the horizon. Try crema de mero, the local fish soup.
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El Sazón Tropical

For good ol’ down-home creole cookin’, look no further than this affordable restaurant. There’s even a respectable paella to share, if you have the patience to wait for it.
in Chichiriviche

Rica y Dely

Yes, Baywatch (a David Hasselhoff look-alike) has moved one door down, but he still serves a mean pizza, and he’ll still show you his tattoo!
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Restaurant La Esquina de Arturo

Budget travelers are likely to appreciate the straightforward tasty meals in this tiny, rustic place.
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Restaurant El Rincón de Arturo

Two blocks from the beach, this small and popular corner eatery has tasty and straightforward meals.