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Passenger boats from Caracas to Isla Margarita have been discontinued, but you can book tickets for departures in Puerto La Cruz at Conferry. Fares run from BsF73 to BsF93 for the four-hour convencional boat and BsF…
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A godsend to this chaotic city, the metro is safe, fast, easy, well organized, clean and affordable – and it serves most major city attractions and tourist facilities.
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Terminal de Oriente

The newly renovated Terminal de Oriente handles all traffic to the east and southeast of the country, with the exception of the state-run SITSSA, which services the entire country. Sample fares include Coro (BsF40),…
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The private airport-bus service is the fastest bus option between central Caracas and Maiquetía airport, with departures from its private terminal near Parque Central from 5:30am to 7pm (buses leave when full). At t…
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SITSSA Airport Minibuses

These comfortable government-run minibuses run every half hour, departing from the domestic terminal to the Hotel Alba Caracas from 7:30am to 8:30pm and from there to the airport 6am to 7pm. At the airport, buy tick…
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Terminal Nuevo Circo

Buses servicing regional destinations (La Guaira, Los Teques, Santa Teresa, Ocumare del Tuy etc) still depart from the old central Nuevo Circo regional bus terminal, though it’s absolute chaos. Be prepared to wait i…
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Terminal La Bandera

The Terminal La Bandera, 3km south of the center, handles long-distance buses to anywhere in the country’s west and southwest. The terminal has a left-luggage office on the right side of the top level and a friendly…
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Peli Express

Has a terminal on the east side of Parque del Este, just south of the Museo del Transporte, with several lines servicing Puerto La Cruz, San Cristóbal, Mérida, Maracaibo, Barinas, Carúpano, Coro, Valencia, Cumaná an…
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Has less chaotic private terminals conveniently located in the downtown area, with (slightly higher) prices and schedules listed on the website.
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Aeroexpresos Ejecutivos

Services Maracay, Valencia, Barquisimeto, Maracaibo, Maturín, Ciudad Bolívar, Puerto La Cruz, Puerto Ordaz, El Tigre and San Félix.