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Top Choice Museum in Caracas

Museo de Arte Contemporáneo de Caracas

Occupying the eastern end of the Parque Central complex, the Museum of Contemporary Art is by far the best in the country, though it can be a little tricky to find amid the concrete jungle. In a dozen halls on five …
Top Choice Pizzeria in Caracas

Evio's Pizza

There’s pizza and then there’s the city’s best. When famous Venezuelan musician Evio di Marzo isn’t performing, he makes gourmet pizza and a fusion menu he terms 'bol-che-vista' (BOL-ivariano, CHE-guevarista and cha…
Top Choice International in Caracas

La Casa Bistro

Few places stand out in run down Caracas as much as this gleaming temple of sophistication, where you may have to wait for a table at breakfast or lunch due to its fearsome neighborhood popularity. The international…
Top Choice Italian in Caracas

Come a Casa

An instantly likable Sicilian restaurant in the heart of Los Palos Grandes, Come a Casa serves up daily specials, stellar salads, interesting appetizers and a full pasta and risotto list. There's even excellent Vene…
Top Choice Live Music in Caracas

Discovery Bar

A down-to-earth, genuine alt-rock dive, catering to an alternative crowd who come for the alternative rock, reggae and cumbia music. One of the few surviving vaguely counter-cultural places in Caracas.
in Caracas

Fundación Bigott

If you’d like to dig a little deeper into traditional Venezuelan culture – perhaps learn to play joropo music with the bandola llanera (a string instrument) in the style of Anselmo López, or how to create your very …
Church in Caracas

Iglesia de San Francisco

Just south of the Capitolio Nacional, the Church of San Francisco was built in the 1570s, but was remodeled on several occasions during the 17th and 18th centuries. Guzmán Blanco, unable to resist his passion for mo…
Church in Caracas


Set on the eastern side of Plaza Bolívar, Caracas' cathedral started its life in the mid-16th century as a mere mud-walled chapel. A church later replaced it, only to be flattened by the 1641 earthquake. Built from …
Mausoleum in Caracas

Simón Bolívar Mausoleum

After a 2010 exhumation to confirm cause of Bolívar's death, Chávez built his hero this grand new mausoleum, which opened in 2013. The US$140 million price tag and bold architecture – a gleaming white wave that mirr…
in Caracas

Concejo Municipal

Occupying half of Plaza Bolívar’s southern side, the city hall was erected by the Caracas bishops from 1641 to 1696 to house the Colegio Seminario de Santa Rosa de Lima. In 1725, the Real y Pontificia Universidad de…