Caracas shopping

Gifts & Souvenirs in Caracas


To pick up the obligatory hammocks, papier-mâché devil masks or stuffed piranhas, check out the biggest craft shop of them all at Hannsi, in El Hatillo, one of the best souvenirs shops you’ll see. The massive store …
Music in Caracas

Comercial Carrillo

For legitimately produced CDs (rather than the pirated versions that abound on the streets), try the small but well-crammed Comercial Carrillo, with a voluminous collection of Venezuelan folk and other styles from a…
Homewares in Caracas

Casa Curuba

Stunning wares here, all fashioned from exotic hardwoods. The high-quality stock includes beautiful picture frames, boxes and bowls, especially from the state of Lara. The spot for a discerning gift or souvenir.
in Caracas

Centro Artesanal Los Goajiros

A below-street-level corridor of stalls just west of Plaza Chacaíto offers a mixed-bag of Orinoco crafts (woven hammocks and bags, carved blowguns, musical instruments) and hippie gear (Rasta caps, Guatemalan wallet…
Desserts in Caracas

Dulces Criollos

The sweet-toothed will have a field day in this traditional candy store on the plaza, which sells gooey cakes, jellied fruits and other local confections.
Arts & Crafts in Caracas

Artesanía Altamira

A veritable profusion of basket work is to be found here, along with other assorted knickknacks – the kind we all buy and ask ourselves ‘Why?’ later.
Books in Caracas

Tecni-Ciencia Libros, Centro Comercial Ciudad Tamanaco

One of Venezuela's best bookstores, with 10 branches around town. It has well-stocked travel sections with plenty of Lonely Planet titles.
Shopping Centre in Caracas

Centro Comercial Chacaíto

One of Caracas' older, more established shopping complexes, alongside a bustling plaza with still more malls.
Books in Caracas

El Buscón

Browse-worthy store with strong selection of Venezuelan literature (in Spanish), plus some English novels.
Mall in Caracas

Centro Comercial Sambil

Touted as South America’s largest shopping mall, there's an enormous range of shopping on offer here.