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Discovery Bar

A down-to-earth, genuine alt-rock dive, catering to an alternative crowd who come for the alternative rock, reggae and cumbia music. One of the few surviving vaguely counter-cultural places in Caracas.
Live Music in Caracas

Trasnocho Lounge

The Trasnocho cultural center's minimalist bar is a place to pull up a beanbag chair, sip a martini and chill out with friends as guest DJs work their magic.
Live Music in Caracas

Moulin Rouge

Behind the flamboyant windmill facade is Caracas’ leading venue for live alternative rock, with two environments: the performance hall and an adjacent lounge for drum and bass, trance and techno sessions by resident…
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Backpackers will be shooed away, but hipsters, icons of fashion, the rich, famous and an odd mix of out-of-place misfits clamor for face time inside this Las Mercedes club, the hottest spot in town at the time of re…
Dance in Caracas

Auyama Café

The rumba never stops at this boisterous, open-air lounge with a broad front terrace and various brightly lit salons. It’s for a slightly more mature set, who may want to engage in more animated conversation than sw…
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El Teatro

This eclectic newcomer on the rise offers two dueling rooms, one usually devoted to rock, the other electronica, drum and bass or hip-hop. It skews towards wealthy, alterna-twentysomethings, who appreciate the more …
Baseball in Caracas

Estadio Universitario

Béisbol (baseball) is the local sporting obsession. Professional-league games are played from October to February at this 18,500-seat stadium, home to the Leones de Caracas (Caracas Lions). Tickets can be purchased …
Cinema in Caracas


This state-subsidized venue shows a large selection of international films (with Spanish subtitles). It also hosts contemporary world-cinema festivals and some free weekend screenings. Spanish-speakers should also c…
Blues in Caracas

Juan Sebastián Bar

A longtime bastion of jazz in Caracas, the refined club remains one of the most attractive environments anywhere for hearing jazz. If you wish, you can grab a seat right at the bandstand – there’s a counter to place…
World Music in Caracas


Bodies are pressed together here on the small dance floor like a Mumbai passenger train at rush hour. Salsa, merengue and reggaetón fuel the sweat-soaked atmosphere, only relieved by a mild-by-comparison outdoor pat…