Waterfall in Canaima

Salto Ángel (Angel Falls)

Salto Ángel (Angel Falls)

Thundering Angel Falls is the world's highest waterfall and Venezuela's number-one tourist attraction. Its total height is 979m (3211ft), of which the uninterrupted drop is 807m (2646ft), about 16 times the...

Village in Canaima


Kamarata is an old Pemón village on the Río Akanán, at the southeastern foot of Auyantepui. Since being discovered as an alternative access point for Angel Falls, it has been attracting adventurous...

Canyon in Canaima

Cueva de Kavac

Near the purpose-built tourist village of Kavac, Cueva de Kavac is not a cave but a deep gorge with a waterfall plunging into it. There's a safe, natural pool at the foot of the waterfall, which you can reach by...

Pub Food in Canaima


This little burger and sandwich grill inside Campamento Churúm in the heart of Canaima's indigenous community has a pool table and a bar serving beer and Cuba Libres.

Bar in Canaima

Bar Morichal

This is as raucous as Canaima's nightlife gets: a pleasant bar with a spectacular view of the waterfalls on the lagoon where locals and tourists alike gather at sundown to drink cold beers and cocktails.