Creole in Boconó

Restaurant La Vieja Casa de la Nona

Dining on home-style creole tucker in ‘Grandma’s Old House, ’ you can’t help but smile. The walls are lined with classic movie posters – and did we mention the food? It doesn’t get much more down-home than this.

Activity in Boconó

Pernil’s Fast Food

This smart, modern, convenient corner spot has already conquered local stomachs thanks to its tasty sandwiches, hamburgers, arepas (corn pancakes stuffed with juicy fillings) and Middle Eastern shawarmas.

Creole in Boconó

Mojos Chichas Amasisos

This small outdoor nook is tucked away in the grounds of the Museo Trapiche, and offers creole breakfasts as well as pasta, fish, beef and chicken for lunch.