Barquisimeto attractions

Museum in Barquisimeto

Museo de Barquisimeto

The Museo de Barquisimeto in an imposing historical building with a rectangular courtyard centered on a chapel. It was built in the 1910s as a hospital, and later authorities decided to demolish it to make way for m…
in Barquisimeto

Flor de Venezuela aka Flor de Hannover

This was the nation’s contribution to the World Expo in Hannover, Germany in 2000. Created by local architect Fruto Vivas, the three-story glass-and-iron structure has 10m ‘petals’ – when the hydraulics open the flo…
Church in Barquisimeto

Iglesia de San Francisco

The handsome Iglesia de San Francisco, on the southern side of Plaza Lara, was built in 1865 and carried the distinction of being Barquisimeto’s second city cathedral, until the modern Catedral de Barquisimeto was c…
Architecture in Barquisimeto

Catedral de Barquisimeto

This cathedral was constructed in the 1960s. It has a bold, innovative design, noted for its parabolic concrete roof and a centrally located high altar. The cathedral is open only for mass (normally at 6pm weekdays,…
Zoo in Barquisimeto

Parque Zoológico y Botánico Bararida

Located 1.5km north-east of the center, is this large park with an artificial lake and cafes, in addition to the city’s zoo and botanical gardens. Here you’ll see some of Venezuela’s usual plants and animals, such a…
Church in Barquisimeto

Iglesia de la Concepción

The pretty Iglesia de la Concepción, on the square’s southern side, was Barquisimeto’s first cathedral, but it was destroyed in the earthquake of 1812 and rebuilt 30 years later in a different style.
Cultural Centre in Barquisimeto

Ateneo de Barquisimeto

The Ateneo de Barquisimeto is a busy center for cultural activities. Go in and check what’s on.