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Getting There & Away

It's easiest to visit beaches by boat from Río Caribe; the road to Playa Medina is bad, it's tortuous to Pui Puy, and does not extend beyond San Juan de Unare. Return fares per boatload (up to 12 people) are US$7 to Playa Medina (25 minutes) and US$12 to Playa Pui Puy (40 minutes), US$20 to San Juan de las Galdonas or US$30 to Santa Isabel (2½ hours).

From the southeastern end of Río Caribe, opposite the gas station, infrequent por puesto pickup trucks run Monday to Saturday morning to the villages of Medina (US$0.05), Pui Puy (US$0.10) and San Juan de Las Galdonas (US$0.75, 1½ hours). They don’t get as far as the beaches of Medina and Pui Puy; you’ll need to walk for a half-hour (about 2.5km) to get the rest of the way, though locals sometimes run mototaxis. Río Caribe posadas can also arrange drivers or boat tours.

From the town of Güiria, on the far end of Península de Paria, there used to be a regular ferry connection from the Port of Spain in Trinidad and Tobago, but this was not running in 2015. However, it's likely that determined travelers will eventually find a passage to Trinidad here if they are prepared to wait around in this small and rather desolate town.