Women Travellers

Vanuatu is considered a safe place for female visitors, but there are plenty of horror stories, so exercise caution. Take taxis and stick to busy areas at night. Try not to swim or sunbathe alone at isolated beaches.

Women staying overnight alone in villages may risk being harassed by men known as ‘creepers’, who hang around making kissing and ‘pssst’ noises. They are unlikely to take matters further, but for peace of mind ask them very strongly to not look at you or your door anymore (an open door is an invitation) and to go away. The villagers will always ‘lend’ you a young woman to sleep in your bungalow if you are nervous.

Vanuatu is a bastion of male chauvinism and, although the locals are bemused and tolerant of Western women’s behaviour and dress, it’s considered disrespectful to wear skimpy clothing, especially on the outer islands which see few tourists.

In village women are not always welcome at nakamals. Ask locally.