Checking flights...


There are daily flights with Air Vanuatu from Port Vila and Santo to Norsup, and three a week from Craig Cove, with usually one stopping at Lamap. The twice-weekly flight between Lamap and Norsup may be the only way to travel between these two places during the wet season, when rivers are flooded (and the flight can be cheaper than a boat or 4WD charter).


The passenger ferry Big Sista stops en route between Santo and Port Vila weekly, as does Vanuatu Ferry. Both pick up and depart from the main wharf in Litslits, just south of Lakatoro.

A chartered speedboat ride from Wala in northern Malekula to Luganville on Santo costs around 25,000VT but will only go in calm weather. From Lamap to Craig Cove on Ambrym costs 12,000VT and takes about 90 minutes. Make sure the boat has life jackets.

All inhabited offshore islands (such as the Maskelynes) are linked to the mainland by speedboats or canoes; ask at your accommodation if you want to charter transport.


A dirt road runs from Lakatoro around the north coast and down the east coast to Lamap. The road south is rough and rutted and fords numerous rivers; in the wet season it’s often impassable.

If you can hitch a ride on a truck it's 100VT from Norsup airport to Lakatoro, but 1000VT if you're stuck with a charter. On weekends there aren’t many around; arrange a ride with your accommodation.

Jump in the tray of a truck to travel between Lakatoro and Lamap (1000VT, four hours) on weekdays. These leave Lamap between 3.30am and 5am and return from Lakatoro market at 1pm. On weekends or if you're in a hurry you'll need to charter (22,000VT). Trucks/charters run more frequently between Lakatoro and Veturah in the north (500/6500VT, one hour).

Most public transport leaves Lakatoro from the market. From Lakatoro to Lamap, you may be dropped at Black Sands, from where you can take a speedboat across to Port Sandwich or Levi's guesthouse (200VT per person). This avoids the long drive around the inlet.