Top Choice Market in Luganville

Market Meal Booths

The best budget dining in Santo. Choose one of the bright little tables next to the orange booths and a cheery woman will appear at the window with a glass of cordial, ready to take your order. Choose from chicken, …
Top Choice Cafe in Luganville

Natangora Café

This breezy open-air cafe (with a distant view of the water) specialises in breakfast, house-roasted coffee, hamburgers, juices and salads, but also does an interesting line in Japanese dishes – sushi, bento boxes, …
International in Luganville

Deco Stop Restaurant

It's worth a trip up to the hilltop for the view alone, out to Segond Channel and Aore island. Dining is beside the pool with white wicker chairs on the terrace. The small but changing menu features fresh produce su…
International in Luganville

Tu Restaurant

At the Espiritu hotel, this elegant street-front restaurant serves a well-prepared local and global range of dishes from Santo scotch fillet to Thai green curry as well as all-day pizzas. Lunch features burgers and …
International in Luganville

Restaurant 1606

Regarded by some as Luganville's best restaurant, 1606 is worth a trip for its interesting selection of tapas (700VT to 1300VT), and mains such as seafood paella and crispy pork belly. Lunch offers the usual array o…
Cafe in Luganville

Friends Cafe

A friendly little Euro-style cafe with excellent local Aore island coffee, homemade pies, burgers and sandwiches. Great spot for breakfast.
Cafe in Luganville

Attar Cafe

Excellent coffee, monster burgers, souvlaki and steaks – Attar does simple food with a smile.