There are no local area codes in Vanuatu.

International Calls

  • International area code: 678
  • International code for calls out of Vanuatu: 00

Using the national carrier TVL, calls to Australia, NZ, New Caledonia and Fiji cost 50/60VT per minute from fixed lines/mobile phones; calls further afield cost up to 150VT per minute. Calls to satellite phones are 500VT per minute. SMS to anywhere costs 12VT.


Landlines that have been accidentally dug up or have melted away into nothing do not usually get replaced, meaning that many landline numbers are now no longer in use, especially on outer islands. Vanuatu has had an exceptionally high take-up of mobile phones. Although new phone towers are regularly being erected (they were among the first things replaced on Tanna after Cyclone Pam in 2015), reception can be patchy on outer islands.

Public telephones are sometimes located at airports and in a public area in villages, but are rarely used.

Mobile Phones

Local SIMs can be used in unlocked European and Australian phones.

More Information

Vanuatu is on GSM digital. Much of the populated archipelago is covered by two mobile phone networks: the red Digicel ( or orange TVL ( signs are the most ubiquitous form of advertising you’ll see around the islands. A Smile SIM-card package is 3000VT, including 2500VT of calls, or you can get a Digicel SIM card for 2000VT. Coverage, service and pricing are similar but most islanders don’t take any chances and have both SIM cards. If you intend to use 3G data (for email or web browsing), make sure you get a sensible mobile internet plan; topping up and paying for data as you go is ridiculously expensive.