Drinking & Nightlife

Fresh coconut juice is a cheap and refreshing drink. If you want to drink coconuts straight off the tree ask the kastom (traditional) owner or your guide. They’ll hold it in their open hand; whack, whack with the bush knife, and it’s yours. Elsewhere they're available at markets or from street stalls in villages.

Look out for Tanna coffee, a strong brew grown on Tanna island and roasted in Port Vila. A few cafes in Vila and Luganville have European-style coffee machines; everywhere else it's instant coffee.

Vanuatu’s main locally produced beer, Tusker, is a decent brew and widely available, from Port Vila’s supermarkets to remote island stores and bungalows. Its sale may be limited to one shop in some towns. Spirits and wine are relatively expensive.

The major supermarkets carry a good range of French and Australian wines and spirits, and Australian and local beers.