Customs Regulations

People over 15 years may bring the following into the country:

  • 250 cigarettes
  • 2.25L of wine and 1.5L of other alcohol
  • 250mL of eau de toilette
  • 100mL of perfume
  • Other items up to a value of 50,000VT

Declare the following on arrival:

  • Plants, fruit and seeds
  • Meat, poultry and dairy products
  • Fish and shellfish

Failure to declare these items can lead to prosecution and fines.

No firearms or ammunition may be brought into the country.

If taking home carved statues made of tree fern or palm, be sure they're fumigated and have a CITES (Convention on International Trade in Endangered Species) exemption form.


Every visitor must have a passport valid for a further six months and be able to show an onward ticket. Entry visas are not required for nationals of the British Commonwealth and EU. On entry, you’re allowed an initial stay of up to 30 days, extended for up to four months once you’re there (or you can apply beforehand).

Nonexempt visitors should contact the Principal Immigration Officer to organise their visa application (3600VT). This must be finalised before you arrive.

Visa extensions for up to four months (6000VT) can be done quickly without the need to leave your passport and onward ticket with the immigration department. You’ll need your passport and copies of your passport, onward ticket and current passport photos for the application, which can be made at the immigration office in Port Vila.