Volcano in East Tanna

Mt Yasur

Mt Yasur

Peering down into the rumbling, exploding lava storm of Mt Yasur is a sight you won't soon forget. The active volcano is so accessible that 4WD vehicles can get to within 150m of the crater rim. There are many...

Harbour in East Tanna

Port Resolution

Tanna’s best anchorage is this beautiful bay with magnificent cliffs and easy access to east Tanna's best beaches. The Ireupuow village has a basic shop, a market and a couple of simple restaurants. To the left,...

Village in East Tanna

John Frum Village

At Namakara, this is one of the biggest John Frum villages on Tanna. Dances are held on Friday nights, when songs of praise are sung to the tunes of American battle hymns. It's free to attend but you'll need a...