Volunteer organisations that can provide information include Go Abroad (www.goabroad.com) and Lattitude Global Volunteering (www.lattitude.org.au). The following organisations have projects in Vanuatu:

Australian Business Volunteers (www.abv.org.au) Projects from one to six months for volunteers with business skills.

Australian Volunteers International (www.australianvolunteers.com) Can arrange volunteer placements through the Australian Volunteers for International Development program funded by the Australian government.

Midwives For Vanuatu (www.midwivesforvanuatu.org) Experienced midwives can fill staff shortages by volunteering at Port Vila hospital.

Oceans Watch (www.oceanswatch.org) Yachties and others can volunteer on marine conservation projects.

Scope Global (www.volunteering.scopeglobal.com) Provides skilled volunteer placements with the Australian Volunteers for International Development scheme.

Voice Australia (http://voiceaustralia.org.au) Australian youth development and volunteer program with projects in Vanuatu.

Volunteer Service Abroad (www.vsa.org.nz) This well-established New Zealand organisation offers volunteer placements for skilled workers.