Volcano tour guides usually have gear (tents, sleeping bags, hard hats, gloves, gas masks) should you want to hire anything. Ask if you need to bring extra food (meals are included).

Volcano climbs are well organised and costs for guides and transport are standardised. You can find a list of certified guides at www.ambrym.travel or posted at the airport at Craig Cove, but most travellers simply get hooked up through their accommodation.


  • Full Day (from Ranvetlam) – 7000VT per person (9000VT for solo travellers)
  • Two-day return (from Port Vatu) – 11,900VT (15,850VT solo)
  • Three-day crossover (from Ranvetlam, Port Vatu or Endu) – 21,150VT (23,100VT solo)