Top Choice Arts & Crafts in Tashkent

Abulkasim Medressa

Close to the Oliy Majlis in Navoi Park, this medressa has been turned into an artisans’ school and workshop where local wood carvers, lacquerware makers, metal workers and miniature painters ply and teach their craf…
Market in Tashkent

Tezykovka Bazaar

The local, vast flea market of Tezykovka Bazaar is also known as Yangiobod Market. This sombre sea of junk – ‘everything from hedgehogs to jackets’ as one resident put it – is located in the Khamza District, and rea…
Clothing in Tashkent

Human House

This shop not only has carpets, skull caps, suzani and textiles from various Uzbek provinces, but it also doubles as one of Tashkent’s most fashionable boutiques, featuring modern clothing infused with Uzbek styles …
Antiques in Tashkent

Chorsu Antiques

It’s not one but rather several antique shops nestled amid a row of hardware and trinket shops behind Chorsu Bazaar. There are some suzani of exceptional quality here, but you’ll want to haggle hard.
Department Store in Tashkent

Toshkent Univermagi

It doesn’t have the atmosphere of the bazaars, but for the best prices and a surprisingly good selection of silk by the metre, try this old Soviet-style department store.
Maps in Tashkent

Sharq Ziyokori

Has maps of Tashkent, Uzbekistan and most provincial centres, plus excellent 1:450,000 maps of most provinces published by Ozbekiston Viloyatlari.
Market in Tashkent

Mirobod Bazaar

A fiesta of fruit bathing in the teal-green glow of its giant, octagonal flying saucer of a roof.
Books in Tashkent

Knizhny Mir

This bookshop has a decent map selection along with a smattering of English-language classics.
Market in Tashkent

Oloy Bazaar

Lacks the character of Chorsu, but locals say it has the best, if priciest, produce.
Arts & Crafts in Tashkent

Rakhimov Ceramics Studio

Rakhimov Ceramics Studio is as much museum as a ceramics shop.