Top Choice Market in Tashkent

Chorsu Bazaar

Tashkent’s most famous farmers market, topped by a giant green dome, is a delightful slice of city life spilling into the streets off Old Town’s southern edge. If it grows and it’s edible, it’s here. There are acres…
Museum in Tashkent

History Museum of the People of Uzbekistan

The History Museum of the People of Uzbekistan is a must-stop for anyone looking for a primer on the history of Turkestan from ancient times to the present. The 2nd floor has Zoroastrian and Buddhist artefacts, incl…
Museum in Tashkent

Fine Arts Museum of Uzbekistan

The four floors of the Fine Arts Museum of Uzbekistan walk you through 1500 years of art in Uzbekistan, from 7th-century Buddhist relics, to the art of pre-Russian Turkestan, to Soviet realism, to contemporary works…
Library in Tashkent

Moyie Mubarek Library Museum

The primary attraction of the Khast Imom square is this library museum, which houses the 7th-century Osman Quran (Uthman Quran), said to be the world’s oldest. This enormous deerskin tome was brought to Samarkand by…
Museum in Tashkent

Museum of Applied Arts

The Museum of Applied Arts occupies an exquisite house full of bright ghanch and carved wood. It was built in the 1930s, at the height of the Soviet period, but nonetheless serves as a sneak preview of the older arc…
Tower in Tashkent

TV Tower

The TV Tower, a 375m three-legged monster, the epitome of Soviet design, stands north of the city centre but can be seen from all over town. The price of admission gets you up to the 100m viewing platform and you’ll…
Museum in Tashkent

Art Gallery of Uzbekistan

One of the more recent additions to Tashkent's museum scene is this impressive building, within the vast halls of which rotating exhibits of Uzbekistan's top contemporary artists are rolled out. With both temporary …
Islamic Site in Tashkent

Kulkedash Medressa

The grand Kulkedash medressa sits beside Tashkent’s principal Juma (Friday) Mosque on a hill overlooking Chorsu Bazaar. The mosque was built in the 1990s on the site of a 16th-century mosque destroyed by the Soviets…
Museum in Tashkent

Railway Museum

The magnificent collection of 1930s to 1950s Soviet locomotives at the open-air Railway Museum will thrill train buffs and is worth visiting even if you aren’t one. You have license to clamber all over any train wit…
Museum in Tashkent

House of Photography

The House of Photography hosts rotating exhibits of Uzbekistan’s top contemporary photographers as well as shows by international names in the field and is one of Tashkent's artier, edgier spots.