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Before You Go

Be careful not to bring any sleeping pills or painkillers into Uzbekistan as they are illegal and customs officials are on the look-out for medications such as codeine, Valium, Xanax and Temazepam. All medicines should be in their original packaging.

Recommended Vaccinations

No vaccinations are legally required in order to enter Uzbekistan.

Doctors recommend all travellers are current with immunisations against hepatitis A, typhoid and tetanus, and some travellers should consider hepatitis B and rabies.

Uzbekistan requires HIV testing for foreigners staying more than three months. Foreign tests are accepted under certain conditions, but make sure you check with the Uzbekistan embassy before travelling.

Health Insurance

Health insurance is strongly advised for Uzbekistan.

In Uzbekistan

Availability & Cost of Healthcare

The Tashkent International Medical Clinic is the only international-standard clinic in the country. Outside the capital health facilities are few and far between and should be considered for emergency use only. For anything serious you will want to be evacuated to Europe.

All towns have pharmacies that will sell you most forms of antibiotics.

Tap Water

Tap water in Uzbekistan isn't safe to drink, especially in Karakalpakstan. Bottled water is available cheaply everywhere. Long-term visitors should bring a filter.