Tourist Information in Samarkand

Samarkand Tourist Information Centre

This volunteer organisation offers good travel advice, particularly on local transport, and sells postcards and stamps. They run some particularly interesting city tours (US$8–15 per person), visiting handicraft mas…
Travel Agency in Samarkand

Jahongir Travel

Odil at Jahongir B&B can arrange guides, transport and day trips around Samarkand and Nurata. Combine a day trip to Shakhrisabz (from US$15 per person) with some hiking and an overnight homestay at Amankutan, or…
Travel Agency in Samarkand

Zamin Travel

Good local agency that specialises in off-the-beaten-track hiking between homestays in villages around Samarkand and Shakhrisabz. Trekking further afield in the Chimgan and Fan Mountains can also be organised.
Travel Agency in Samarkand

Abask Travel

Well-connected Farruh Bahronov offers tours in English and French, and can organise everything from accommodation, visas and transport services to cultural and eco tours.
University in Samarkand

Samarkand State Institute of Foreign Languages

Qualified teachers of English as a foreign language might be able to arrange employment at this language institute.
Bank in Samarkand

Kapital Bank

Offers US dollar cash advances on Visa cards for 4% commission. It's near the Agricultural Institute.
Bank in Samarkand

Asaka Bank

Offers US dollar cash advances on Mastercard and Maestro cards for 3% commission.
Post in Samarkand

Post Office