Top Choice Bazaar in Margilon

Kumtepa Bazaar

The fantastic Kumtepa Bazaar, 5km west of Margilon centre, is a time capsule full of weathered Uzbek men in traditional clothing exchanging solemn greetings and gossiping over endless pots of tea. Rows of handmade k…
Top Choice Factory in Margilon

Yodgorlik Silk Factory

Margilon's main attraction is this fascinating factory, a block west of the central Dekon Bazaar. English-language guides can walk you through traditional methods of silk production from steaming and unravelling the…
Workshop in Margilon

Sayid Ahmad Hoja Medressa

This charming medressa was converted into a crafts centre more than a decade ago, with the former hujras (cell-like living quarters) now housing a suzani embroiderer, metal worker, copper chaser and cloth block prin…