Top Choice Palace in Kokand

Khan’s Palace

The palace of the Khan of Kokand, with seven courtyards and 114 rooms, was built in 1873, though its dazzling tiled exterior makes it look so perfect that you'd be forgiven for thinking it was as new as the modern p…
Mosque in Kokand

Jami Mosque Museum

Kokand’s most impressive mosque, built by Umar Khan in 1812, is centred on a 22m minaret and includes a colourful 100m-long aivan (portico) supported by 98 red-wood columns brought from India. The entire complex has…
Mausoleum in Kokand


Entering the Narbutabey graveyard’s north gate from the street, proceed straight and you'll see the 1830s Dakhma-i-Shokhon (the tomb of Umar Khan and other family members) which has an elegant wooden portal carved w…
Islamic Site in Kokand

Sahib Mian Hazrat Medressa

Walk five minutes down Muqimi ko'chasi from Khamza ko'chasi to the truncated remnants of the 19th-century Sahib Mian (Sohibzoda) Hazrat Medressa, where the Uzbek poet and ‘democrat’ Mohammedamin Muqimi (1850–1903) l…
Islamic Site in Kokand

Narbutabey Medressa

The Bolsheviks closed the 1799 Narbutabey Medressa, but it opened after independence only to have Karimov shut it down again in 2008. Visitors can visit the mosque (with its original ceiling), which Stalin reopened …
Mausoleum in Kokand

Stone Tablet of Nodira

Originally buried behind Modari Khan, Nodira was adopted by the Soviets as a model Uzbek woman and moved to a prominent place beneath a white stone tablet, beyond Dakhma-i-Shokhon near the graveyard’s south gate.
Mausoleum in Kokand

Modari Khan Mausoleum

The unrestored Modari Khan Mausoleum, built in 1825 for Umar’s mother, features unusual red, green, yellow and blue tilework.
Mosque in Kokand

Zimbardor Mosque

There's not much to see at this small neighbourhood mosque in the old town but there's a welcoming chaikhana next door.
Bazaar in Kokand

Jahon Bazaar

This small bazaar is worth a visit for its fresh produce and dried fruits and nuts.
Mosque in Kokand

Hojibek Mosque & Medressa

This small mosque is hidden down the sleepy backstreets of Kokand's old town.