Top Choice Uzbek in Khiva

Khorezm Art Restaurant

Charmingly located in a low-lit and cosy stone building in front of the Allakuli Khan Medresa, this is definitely one of the best choices in town, with attentive service and an atmospheric rooftop terrace, despite t…
Top Choice Uzbek in Khiva

Terasse Cafe

Dining experiences in Khiva don't get better than on a cool summer evening in the rooftop terrace of this well-run place, surrounded by the spotlit medressas and palace walls of the old town. The coffee is the best …
Uzbek in Khiva

Cafe Zerafshan

You can choose between outdoor seating on tapchans (bedlike platforms) in the shadow of the Islom Hoja minaret, or the more formal interior of the converted Tolib Mahsum Medressa. The food is the standard Khivan men…
Uzbek in Khiva

Kheivak Restaurant

The Malika Kheivak hotel has a pleasant sun-dappled courtyard covered with traditional tapchan and tables. It's a very handy spot for lunch in the Ichon-Qala, offering local-style egg and pumpkin-stuffed ravioli, as…
Uzbek in Khiva

Tokhir-Zukhra Chaikhana

The best place for a chaikhana-style meal of freshly grilled kebabs and beer on tap is this laid-back spot just northwest of the Ichan Qala. The giant mutton and beef shashlyk are a meal by themselves and better tha…
Uzbek in Khiva

Mirzobashi Teahouse

A pleasant, spacious and breezy teahouse-style restaurant right in the heart of the old town. There's a good range of Central Asian dishes, including local specialities like qiyma zarafshan (a meat roll).
Central Asian in Khiva

Chaixana Rustamboi

Opposite Khiva's West Gate and yet remarkably almost tourist free, this unpretentious place has a vaguely Soviet feel. The kebabs are a better choice than the precooked slop. Be prepared for some communications diff…
Uzbek in Khiva

Bir Gumbaz

This place serves up homemade Uzbek standards and real coffee on a terrace with superb Kalta Minor minaret views. There's an inside dining room if you're in Khiva during the colder months.