Palace in Kokand

Khan’s Palace

The Khan’s Palace, with seven courtyards and 114 rooms, was built in 1873, though its dazzling tiled exterior makes it look so perfect that you'd be forgiven for thinking it was as new as the modern park that surrou…
Medressa in Kokand

Sahib Mian Hazrat Medressa

Walk five minutes down Muqimi ko'chasi from Khamza ko'chasi to the truncated remnants of the large 19th-century Sahib Mian Hazrat Medressa, where the great Uzbek poet and ‘democrat’ Mohammedamin Muqimi (1850–1903) l…
Mosque in Kokand

Jami Mosque Museum

Kokand’s most impressive mosque, built by Umar Khan in 1812, is centred on a 22m minaret and includes a colourful 100m-long aivan (portico) supported by 98 red-wood columns brought from India. The entire complex has…
Museum in Fergana

Museum of Regional Studies

The sparse Museum of Regional Studies covers the Fergana region, including Kokand and Margilon. Visitors can inspect satellite photos of a green, lush Fergana Valley nestled amid snow-capped peaks.
Factory in Margilon

Yodgorlik Silk Factory

Margilon's main attraction is this fascinating factory, which can be explored on a tour where you’ll witness traditional methods of silk production from steaming and unravelling the cocoons to the weaving of the daz…
Bazaar in Margilon

Kumtepa Bazaar

A much less sanitised experience than the Silk Factory is Margilon’s fantastic Kumtepa Bazaar, 5km west of the centre. It’s a time capsule full of weathered Uzbek men in traditional clothing exchanging solemn greeti…
Museum in Rishton

Rishton Ceramic Museum

Bazaar in Andijon

Jahon Bazaar

Andijon’s Jahon Bazaar is the biggest bazaar on the Uzbek side of the Fergana Valley. Sunday and Thursday are its busiest days, and there are also silk stalls here, in case you miss Kumtepa Bazaar in Margilon. From …
Museum in Andijon

Babur Literary Museum

This museum occupies the site of the royal apartments where Zahiruddin Babur lived and studied as a boy within Ark-Ichy, the town’s long-gone citadel. Born in 1483 in Andijon to Fergana’s ruler, Umar Sheikh Mirzo (a…
Mosque in Andijon

Jome Mosque & Medressa

Across from Eski Bazaar (on Oltinkul) is the handsome 19th-century Jome Mosque & Medressa, said to be the only building to survive the 1902 earthquake. It reopened as a working medressa in the 1990s but was turn…