Must-see attractions in Uzbekistan

  • Chorsu

    This four-way crossroads bazaar building once marked the heart of Shakhrisabz's old bazaar.

  • Yubileyny Bazaar

    Termiz's central bazaar is a useful landmark and a good place to pick up local minibuses.

  • Bogcha-Darvoza

    The northern Bogcha-Darvoza was one of four main gates giving access to the Ichon-Qala.

  • Jahon Bazaar

    This small bazaar is worth a visit for its fresh produce and dried fruits and nuts.

  • Kamal-Kazi Medressa

    This landmark is home to a woman's organisation and so generally isn't open to the public.

  • Tosh-Darvoza

    The southern Tosh-Darvoza is one of the four main gates into the Ichon-Qala.

  • Clock Tower

    The Soviet-era clock tower is a useful landmark in the centre of Termiz.

  • Navoi Statue

    This statue commemorates the Uzbek national poet Alisher Navoi.