Architecture in Tashkent

Romanov Palace

The animal-festooned brick facade of the Tsarist-era Romanov Palace is worth a quick look but the building itself is closed to the public.
Notable Building in Tashkent

Dom Forum

This preposterously large hall is usually locked tight but occasionally hosts state-sponsored events for honoured guests. You may recognise the tigers on the facade from the Sher Dor Medressa at the Registan in Sama…
Notable Building in Tashkent

Senate Building

The shiny white edifice on the western side of the Independence Square is the Senate building. The president's office and most ministries take up the southern portion around Gagarin maydoni.
Architecture in Tashkent

Istiklol Palace

Formerly the People’s Friendship Palace, this concert hall is one of several striking Soviet-era buildings in Navoi Park. It looks like a moon-landing station from a 1950s film set.
Notable Building in Tashkent

Oliy Majlis

The tightly guarded building southwest of the Friendship Palace is the Oliy Majlis parliament, which functions as a giant rubber stamp in its infrequent sessions.
Architecture in Tashkent

Wedding Palace

Southeast of the Friendship Palace is the Soviet-era Wedding Palace – a vulgar, crooked chunk of Khrushchev-era concrete.
Architecture in Shakhrisabz


This four-way crossroads bazaar building once marked the heart of Shakhrisabz's old bazaar.