Top things to do in Zuni Pueblo

Jewelry in Zuni Pueblo

Turquoise Village

Originally founded to sell turquoise, silver, coral and other raw materials to local artisans, the shop today has arguably the best collection of locally made animal fetishes and jewelry. Prices are very reasonable.
Religious in Zuni Pueblo


The most famous ceremony at Zuni is the all-night Shalako ceremonial dance, held on the first weekend in December and continuing for the next several days.
Museum in Zuni Pueblo

A:shiwi A:wan Museum & Heritage Center

The Pueblo's museum holds imaginative and informative displays of tribal artifacts and historic photos. It's a worthwhile stop if you're visiting.
Cultural in Zuni Pueblo

Zuni Tribal Fair

The Zuni Tribal Fair features a powwow, local food and arts-and-crafts stalls.