• Nature Good trail, river and campsite etiquette will help preserve Utah's wild open lands. Keep a clean campsite and leave no trace.
  • Right of way On bikes, you should pass only in safe areas. Horses have the right of way, then people on foot, then bikes.
  • Trail etiquette Be quiet on the trails and respect other people's solitude.
  • Alcohol Mormon culture is strong in southern Utah. While rules around drinking sometimes affect the bar scene, it's really not much different than other parts of the US.
  • Culture This is also an area steeped in the tradition of the West. Generally speaking, this means: I'll mind my business if you mind yours.
  • Bargaining High-price items like bikes may be bargained down, but there's not much bargaining done in these here parts – aside from negotiating with fellow campers for a good campsite or beer swap.