All travelers should double-check current visa and passport requirements before coming to the USA. For the latest entry requirements and eligibility, consult the Visa section of the US Department of State website ( and the Travel section of the US Customs & Border Protection website ( If you’re still in doubt, contact the nearest US embassy or consulate in your home country (visit for a complete list). There are no documentation requirements to move from state to state in the US, and there are no agriculture controls on the Utah borders. You will need to follow local laws, including leaving your marijuana in Colorado and Nevada.


  • Under the Western Hemisphere Travel Initiative (WHTI), all travelers (including returning US citizens) must have a valid machine-readable passport (MRP) when entering the US by air, land or sea. An MRP has two lines of letters, numbers and <<< at the bottom of the data page.
  • MRPs issued or renewed after October 26, 2006, must be e-passports (ie have a digital photo and integrated chip with biometric data). MRPs issued or renewed between October 26, 2005, and October 25, 2006, must have a digital photo or integrated chip on the data page.
  • The only exceptions to these MRP requirements are for select US, Canadian and Mexican citizens who are able to present other WHTI-compliant documents (eg preapproved ‘trusted traveler’ cards).
  • Under the US Department of Homeland Security (DHS) registration program, US-VISIT (, almost all visitors (excluding, for now, most Canadian and many Mexican citizens) will be digitally photographed and have their electronic (inkless) fingerprints scanned upon arrival; the process typically takes less than a minute.


  • Currently, under the US Visa Waiver Program (VWP), visas are not required for citizens of 36 countries for stays up to 90 days (no extensions) if you have an MRP. If you don’t have an MRP, you’ll need a visa to enter the USA.
  • Citizens of VWP countries must register with the Electronic System for Travel Authorization (ESTA) online ( at least 72 hours before their trip begins. Once approved, ESTA registration is valid for up to two years.
  • Citizens from all other countries need to apply for a visa in their home country. The process costs a nonrefundable $131, involves a personal interview and can take several weeks, so apply as early as possible.