Telephone area codes are simple in Alaska: the entire state shares 907, except Hyder, which uses 250. Phone numbers that begin with 800, 877 and 866 are toll-free numbers and there is no charge for using one to call a hotel or tour operator. If you’re calling from abroad, the country code for the USA is 1.

Mobile Phones

Coverage is surprisingly good, even in remote areas. Prepaid SIM cards can be used in some international cell (mobile) phones for local calls and voice mail.

More Information

Cell (mobile) phones work in Alaska and Alaskans love them as much as anywhere else in the USA. When calling home or locally in cities and towns, reception is excellent but overall, in a state this large, cell-phone coverage can be unpredictable and sporadic at times. The culprits in most cases are mountains.

Most travelers still find their cell phones to be very useful. Before you head north, however, check your cell-phone provider’s roaming agreements and black-out areas. It may be possible for international travelers to purchase a prepaid SIM card that can be used in their phones for local calls and voicemail. You can also purchase inexpensive cell phones from AT&T along with prepaid cards for calls.

Better still, with a wi-fi connection you can call using Skype or WhatsApp for free.