Isolated on the strand that connects the Southeast to the rest of Alaska, Yakutat is becoming something of a tourist destination; although, admittedly, still a minor one. The main reason is improved transportation. You still can’t drive to the most northern Southeast town, but there is now a twice-monthly Alaska Marine Highway ferry and – since 2015 – a couple of small cruise ships stopping by. Yakutat also claims to be the smallest town in the world with a regular jet-plane service, courtesy of Alaska Airlines.

So what does tiny Yakutat have to offer curious tourists? Big waves, the world's largest tidal glacier and world-class fishing. The waves rolling in from the Gulf of Alaska have made Yakutat the unlikely (and frigid) surf capital of the Far North. The little-visited Hubbard Glacier creaks and crashes 30 miles to the north, and the sea- and river-fishing are phenomenal even by Alaskan standards.