Top things to do in Wrangell

Top Choice Museum in Wrangell

Wrangell Museum

This impressive museum is what the colorful history and characters of Wrangell deserve. As you stroll through the many rooms, an audio narration automatically comes on and explains each chapter of Wrangell’s history…
Top Choice American in Wrangell

Stikine Inn Restaurant

It's not hard being the best restaurant in Wrangell, but the Stikine goes above and beyond the call of duty with dishes like rockfish tacos, and a lobster po'boy that manages to be decadent without a decadent price.…
Park in Wrangell

Chief Shakes Island

The Shakes are a long line of Tlingit leaders (the current leader is Chief Shakes X). They are represented on this tiny, grassy islet slap bang in the middle of the scruffy boat harbor, reached by a pedestrian bridg…
Archaeological Site in Wrangell

Petroglyph Beach

Thought Alaska's history started with the Klondike gold rush? Not so. Historians and anthropologists should home in on this state historic park on Wrangell's north side, where you can see primitive rock carvings bel…
Fast Food in Wrangell

J&W's Fast Food

One of Wrangell’s best eating joints, a friendly if rudimentary sales window set up in the main street which juggles cheap American staples (burgers, quesadillas and tacos) with simple renditions of locally caught f…
Historic Site in Wrangell

Shakes Community House

The cedar wood house in the middle of Chief Shakes Island is a replica of a typical Tlingit chief's house recreated by the Civilian Conservation Corps in 1940. The house incorporates four structural totem poles thou…
Cafe in Wrangell

Stik Cafe

A welcome sight inside the Stikine Inn, the Stik serves the best coffee in the Southern Panhandle along with decent breakfasts and fresh bready snacks. You can enjoy it all in the hotel bar overlooking the water, al…
Nature in Wrangell

Stikine River Birding Festival

Celebrating the arrival of spring migrant birds (including large numbers of bald eagles) in the river delta, the festival hosts art and photo contests, guest speakers and special bird tours.
Cafe in Wrangell

Zak's Cafe

Dyed-in-the-wool Wrangell local that looks like it hasn't had a decor rethink since 1978. On offer are diner basics: omelets, pancakes, BLTs, salads and soups. Come for big portions, stick around for town gossip.
Cafe in Wrangell

Diamond C Café

Eggs and hash browns, biscuits and gravy, inevitable burgers and Fox News on loop are what you get at this absolutely no-frills, ketchup-on-the-table 'cafe'. Quintessential Wrangell.