Top things to do in Winnemucca

Top Choice Cafe in Winnemucca


Don't miss a stop at the Griddle, one of Nevada's original and best retro cafe-diners, serving up fantastic breakfasts, diner classics and homemade desserts since 1948.
Basque in Winnemucca

Martin Hotel

Those overnighting should plan their evening around dinner at the Martin Hotel, where ranchers, locals and weary travelers have come since 1898 to enjoy family-style Basque meals under pressed-tin ceilings.
American in Winnemucca

Sid's Restaurant

You can never have too many old-school drive-up diners in a town like Winnemucca. Friendly Sid's has been feeding families and passersby for years. There's nothing exceptional about the food, but meals here are tast…
Cultural in Winnemucca

Winnemucca Basque Festival

For one day every June for more than three decades, the Basque communities of Winnemucca and beyond come together at the Winnemucca Convention Center to celebrate their unique heritage: expect lots of food, booze, d…
Museum in Winnemucca

Humboldt County Museum

North of the river in Winnemucca in a former church, the Humboldt County Museum shows off antique cars, farming implements and beautiful Paiute baskets, among its eclectic collection of artifacts recounting life in …
Cafe in Winnemucca

Delizioso Global Coffee

For fueling up for what will likely be a long drive in any direction out of Winnemucca, delightful Delizioso Global Coffee offers creative espresso drinks like the 'Winnemocha' and fresh scones amid a fanciful fores…
Barbecue in Winnemucca


If you like pulled pork, baby back ribs, grilled chicken and smoky beans, southern-style, make a beeline for this tidy little sticky-fingered BBQ joint and pub. Don't tell the locals we sent you.