Top Choice Fusion in Williamstown

Mezze Bistro & Bar

You don't know exactly what you're going to get at this contemporary chic restaurant – as the menu changes frequently – but you know it's going to be good. Situated on 3 spectacular acres, Mezze's farm-to-table appr…
Deli in Williamstown

Pappa Charlie's Deli

Here's a welcoming breakfast spot where locals really do ask for 'the usual.' The stars themselves created the lunch sandwiches that bear their names. The Mary Tyler Moore is a favorite (bacon, lettuce, tomato and a…
Diner in Williamstown

Moonlight Diner & Grille

This old-school diner on the east side of town dishes up all the classics at honest prices. The retro-1950s decor is funky and fun. The food is mostly mediocre, but sometimes you just need a huge juicy burger or a c…