Whittier attractions

Museum in Whittier

Prince William Sound Museum

Whittier's history goes back to – well – 1941, so you might be surprised to hear that it has a museum. Bivouacked next to a grocery store beneath the Anchor Inn, it does a good, if modest, job of chronicling 75 year…
Landmark in Whittier

Begich Towers

Part of Whittier’s bizarreness stems from the fact that most of its inhabitants live in the same building, the 14-story Begich Towers. The Begich started life as the Hodge building in 1956 when it was constructed to…
Ruins in Whittier

Buckner Building

You can’t miss this ugly Cold War creation that melds into the surrounding landscape like a moose on a catwalk. Hailing from an architectural school best described as ‘brutalist,' the ginormous Buckner was construct…